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Welcome to Sovereign Capital Markets Inc.


Azim Khamisa

President of Sovereign Capital Markets Inc.

Azim Khamisa is a rare breed of leader in today’s constantly evolving world. As a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, successful international investment banker turned social activist and peace champion, the title “Thought Leader” only begins to summarize the immense wisdom and leadership Azim walks, talks, and breathes. Very few businessmen have the unique qualifications that set Azim apart from the masses; he has not only earned the degrees and awards that qualify him as extremely accomplished within the worlds of corporate finance, international business, and board advisory, but he also has more than 25 years’ experience working in the non-profit sector as a man of honor, purpose, and passion. Azim Khamisa has emerged into our current world as one of the most sought-after and truly diverse experts to serve as a board member for exemplary corporations and businesses.

Today’s companies and corporations strive to be competitive and competent in the inclusivity-driven and progressively equal developing global business world. To thrive as a business in 2021, companies must respond to the strong call to action by society to not only be the best they can be in their field or market but to go above and beyond to become good corporate citizens of the world.  To achieve this goal, it is imperative that the board that governs the inner workings of the business is composed of true leaders, well rounded in their fields of expertise, and well-rooted in the world’s evolving demands. Azim Khamisa is one such leader well versed in both the corporate and non-profit sectors, with vast proficiencies in many different types of business to accompany his accolades and accomplishments.

Azim is now open to help companies advance and fully realize their true potential as successful, socially conscious, and diversified masters of their field of business.

To book an appointment with Azim to speak about filling a seat on your board or if you are interested in his financial services or consult him on how to become a better corporate citizen, click here.

To continue to learn more about Azim’s international business history, vast experience, endorsements, and background, please visit his Curriculum Vitae page here.

Curriculum Vitae

Capital Formation, Investment Banking, & Corporate Experience


Multi-Cultural, Multi-lingual, International Businessman


Thought Leader, Social Worker, Non-Profit Founder, Good Corporate Citzen